Secrets of Getting Amazing Dofollow Backlinks for Your Blog

Secrets of Getting Amazing Dofollow Backlinks for Your Blog

If you want to get dofollow backlinks to your blog, you are desiring a good thing. Backlinks are essential ingredients of a successful search engine optimization because websites that have more backlinks tend to outrank the ones that have fewer or none. However, you should be careful since some backlinks may affect your ranking negatively. Dofollow backlinks transfer link authority to your website while nofollow backlinks pass no link juice. Certain types of dofollow backlinks could harm your blog especially if they come from spammy and low-quality neighborhoods. This article provides the best ways of getting quality dofollow backlinks that will boost your blog.

Publish guest-posts on other websites

A guest post is a blog posted on another website with a link to your blog. To benefit from guest-posting, you need to identify high-quality blogs in your niche and send them your article pitch. You also need to find out if the blog provides dofollow backlinks. Once accepted, you should craft an original article and deliver it via email, Google Docs or any other method provided. If they ask you to provide a by-line or a photo, you should provide and remember to link back to your blog. When the other website publishes your article, your blog will acquire the dofollow backlink.

Create irresistible content

Ask other bloggers to link to

The easiest way of acquiring a dofollow backlink is by creating and publishing irresistible content. You need to choose a popular topic that has a relatively large audience and create actionable content around it. If your piece of content provides actionable content that people care about, they will link back to you without you having to beg for backlinks. Many of them will provide dofollow backlinks.

Find your competitor’s backlinks

Another way of getting dofollow backlinks is by investigating your competitor. To do this, you need a backlink checker like SEMrush, Ahrefs or any other online tool that shows the backlinks to any website. All you have to do is to enter the URL of one of your competitors and explore their backlinks. The tools will populate the links and you will know the websites that your competitors are getting links from. After this, you will create better content and try to get links from the websites. If the websites linked to your competitors, they may also link to you if you provide better content.

Ask other bloggers to link to you

Turn all your mentions into dofollow

If you have a website, you may contact your fellow bloggers or webmasters and ask them to link to your website. They are more likely to link to you especially if your relationship is good. Some content editors and webmasters are ready to link back to you if they realize that your content can offer value to their audience.

Create and publish ultimate guides

These are quality pieces of content that explain a specific topic exhaustively. Many people always search for the ultimate guides to learn new concepts. For instance, new bloggers normally look for ultimate blogging guides so that they can get all information from one place without wasting time. If you can write exhaustively on a given topic, you can earn yourself dofollow backlinks because your content provides a lot of value.

Turn all your mentions into dofollow backlinks

Secrets of Getting Amazing Dofollow Backlinks for Your Blog

Another way of getting dofollow backlinks easily is by searching online for brand mentions. For instance, if your brand is Cute Writers, you need to search for all websites that mention the name of your brand without linking to your domain name. Once you identify them, you can send them a friendly email requesting them for a backlink. If you have a good reputation, you will earn a backlink without much struggle.

Use infographics to get backlinks

You can get backlinks by publishing infographics. Infographics are visual images that contain data, illustrations and descriptions. You need to create or hire someone to create a high-quality infographic for you with interesting data points. Instead of pitching written content, your work will involve pitching your infographic to infographic publishing websites and any websites that publish similar content. Infographics are advantageous because you can submit the same infographic to many websites without plagiarism.

Leaving comments on dofollow blogs

Many blogs have a section where readers can leave comments with a name and link to their websites. You only need to look for relevant blogs that allow dofollow backlinks and then leave a helpful comment to get a nice backlink. However, you should be careful about comment spam and low-quality websites.

Final remarks

Dofollow backlinks can boost your search engine ranking and boost the visibility of your website. In order to leverage the power of dofollow backlinks, you should know how to get them the right way. You need to create actionable content on your website if you want other websites to link to you. Furthermore, guest posting, blog commenting and infographic submissions can earn you dofollow backlinks. You may also request for backlinks or investigate your competitors to get insights into their link profiles.