The Best Blogs For Computer Science

The Best Blogs For Computer Science

Computer science is a field of science taken by students who enjoy math with problem-solving. For these students to gain more knowledge and abilities beyond what they are taught in the normal schedule, blogs have come in handy to help them. Blogs have become the most efficient for teaching-learning computer science. Undergraduates can ensure that they get overall exposure to technology by reading blogs and computer science articles. The blog will help the undergraduates understand broad topics in a more precise, accurate manner. Still, it will also help them add more to the sphere of science in general through the virtue of learning from a wider pool of professionals. The following include some of the best blogs for learners in this discipline and those who want to get further information to add up to what is being taught by lecturers in class.

Blown to Bits Blog

It provides learners with information on how computer science has impacted the world, which has improved people’s lives every day. The blog aims at helping trainees to go beyond the shallow level of understanding of digital adjustment by breaking it down into well-detailed pieces. Moreover, there are Ernie’s 3D Pancakes created by an experienced computer science professor called Jeff Erickson. It is centered on computer science skills aimed at helping the learner who is more interested in theoretical perspectives of computer science to read widely. This blog provides skills of computation which is essential in guiding undergraduates.

The Endeavor

Jason Ernst’s Computer Science Blog

It gives a discussion on how the mobile industry is related to that of computer science. The use of mobiles is becoming more significant day after day, and so is the need for computation skills. The mobile industry cannot continue being relevant without the knowledge of computer science being involved. The blog is the best reference tool for students to comprehend the relationship between the efficient practices of computer science and remedies of wireless telephones.

The Endeavor

The blog is the leading article

This is a popular blog developed by the former math professor and programmer, John Cook, who progressed into consulting. The Endeavor provides trainees with a sense of how to use their skills in programming with business prowess to start creating for themselves employment opportunities. It is like a guide to incorporating skills acquired to help in solving the world’s problems such as unemployment, terrorism. Bits and pieces developed by Harry Lewis, the professor of computer science at Harvard University, are among the blogs read. Harry includes a variety of subjects in his article: Intersection between computer science and programming, academics.

Communications of the Association for Computing Machinery Blog

The blog is the leading article on computer science-related fields. It has, for over 50years, become a resource center for not only learners but also professionals. While building a good reputation has more than 100000 members who have a solid background in computer science and programming. Association for Computing Machinery does a wide range of content that is directly related to mathematics, problem-solving. The blog contains computer science topics on emerging issues, applications of concepts in real-life situations, trends in the technological sector. By reading through it, learners can know about past technological developments to the latest news. It is perfect reference equipment for computer science students.

The Best Blogs For Computer Science

Computational Complexity

Information here has content that has been published by experts in the computer industry. In many instances, experts will always provide something accurate. The blog was developed by two computer science professors, Lance and Bill. They do write articles on major topics, including programming. Content in this blog is suitable for a student who wants to get more into computer science.

Lambda Ultimate

This is a community blog bringing together all programmers and students. The blog majorly dwells on programming languages, HTML, JavaScript, and other topics that computer science contains. The content in Lambda Ultimate is contributed by both experienced professionals and students who may be new to the sector. Whether you are a student or not and need the information to improve your academics or learn new things, Lambda Ultimate is the site to be part of. Once you have joined, you can post questions and get answers from other members.

Through reading all these blogs, the student will be in the right position to get enriched with the necessary knowledge. In addition, it is relevant to have a reading culture to acquire a wide variety of information that will help in approaching computer science in different ways.