Top 10 Influential eLearning Blogs

Top 10 Influential eLearning Blogs

With the new development in technology, you can access teaching materials at the comfort of your home. Today, there are thousands of Blogs with plenty of educational resources that will enrich your knowledge. That being said, let’s look at the top ELearning blogs worldwide. If you’re looking for the best eLearning collections, then you can visit ELearning Industry or Online Education Blog, as popularly known. The platforms bring ELearning articles, software, concepts, and, to say, nothing learning resources on one platform. It is the largest eLearning community network boasting thousands of professionals from different fields.

Online Education Blog was primarily created to allow professionals to share knowledge broadly described as a safe community. The site enjoys massive followings on its social media platforms and has a Domain Authority of about 65. Coursera may not be the first on the list, but it is the most trusted Elearning forum worldwide. Learners, educators, and employers from different sectors can visit Coursera if they’re searching for education news.

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Not only that, Coursera has entered into a partnership with different institutions of learning, including universities, to offer free courses on a variety of topics. With a Domain Authority of 92, Coursera has over one million fans on its Facebook page. A third ELearning site is the Learning Solution Magazine that offers training services in technology. This platform’s mission is to provide an avenue where professionals in different fields can share skills and knowledge to improve their working experience.

While it may be true that this site offers the best training facilities, it has only succeeded in attracting ten followers on its Twitter handle with a frequency of one post. Equally, you can still find plenty of eLearning resources at the eLearning Infographics that boasts more than 75000 members, including professionals, teachers, online educators, designers, and online educators. If you have a greater passion for education matters, then eLearning Infographic is a place that you cannot afford to miss. It’s worth noting that the eLearning Infographics network enjoys about 54000 followers both on its Twitter and Facebook.

Top 10 Influential eLearning Blogs

The fifth blogging site that will enrich your knowledge plus skills is the eLearning Guild. Unlike the previous blogging networks, eLearning Guild is a forum for professional designers, developers, and managers in the eLearning sector. Like eLearning Infographics, eLearning Guild is a channel where professionals can share skills, expertise, and knowledge to improve their understanding. The eLearning Guild has a social engagement of 106 with a Domain Authority of 53.

Apart from eLearning Guild, you can take your career to the highest level when you visit This blogging site is suitable for anybody who wants to learn new concepts in technology, business, and creative skills to attain professional growth. You cannot afford to miss an opportunity that comes with over 30 blogs posted per week. What is more, the website boasts more than 109K followers on its Twitter Page. Learners that want instructional videos can visit TeacherTube, a free eLearning community that brings together teachers and learners. TeacherTube is your answer if you have been searching for education-focused videos for homeschooling.

It’s important to realize that subscribers can access hundreds of motivational videos posted on the site monthly. Be among the 20000 subscribers that watch educational videos on the aTeacherTuber site annually. Subsequently, Reddit has an educational forum that is dedicated to promoting eLearning best practices. The Reddit subsection or eLearning courseware analyses the challenges, strengths, techniques, and importance of evaluating and applying eLearning. You are allowed to share your eLearning experience with other users on this community forum. The Adobe eLearning Community or eLearning is a center of the eLearning creators in the industry.

This site is perfect for learners that want to know what is trending in the Elearning sector. There is a free trial if you want to join the Adobe eLearning Forum. The last blogging site on the top ten list is Udemy, a global marketplace for online teaching. At Udemy, users are allowed to master new skills and gain access to instructors that will help them build their careers. There is more than you can from the discovery stories of Udemy Students.